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Mutant Mass (15 Lb)
Mutant Mass (15 Lb)
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Mutant Mass 15 Lb Bag

Mutant Mass Usage:

Healthy individuals over the age of 18 looking to put on mass should consume 1-2 servings per day.

Mutant Mass Product Benefits and Highlights:

Mutant mass is the ultimate mass enhancing supplement packing over 1,000 calories per serving while feeding your muscles all of the vital carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, and healthy fats it needs. This product should be used by individuals looking to enhance their over muscle mass while reducing body fat. Although this product is very high in calories, with over 1,000 calories per serving, Mutant Mass contains one of the most amazing fats in the world called MCT oil. This has been regarded as the fat burning fat and will help to keep your body fat percentage low while you are increasing your overall caloric intake.

Mutant mass also contains a great blend of over 10 different proteins to help you optimize your muscle gains as well as overall recovery. Most users who have supplemented with muscle mass have reported increases in bench press strength, overall chest and bicep size, as well as weight gain of almost 4 lbs the 1st 10 days! Mutant Mass is the only mass building supplement you need to reach your full potential and build a scary big physique! This formula is also very high in fiber and low in sugar, so you will be consuming quality calories. Mutant mass takes into consideration quality and quantity with each serving.


  • One Amazing Formula: 1050 Lean Calories per Serving.
  • 18 Grams of fat, featuring LipoThermô with
  • MCT Oil, the "fat burning" fat.
  • 52,000mg of Amino Acids.
  • High Fiber, Low Sugar, 3-to-1 Carb-to-Protein Ratio.
How good is MUTANT MASS?

In a real world test, 23 experienced weight trainers used MUTANT MASS for 10 days and the results were:

  • 96% liked the taste!
  • Average weight gain in just 10 days was 3.7lbs!
  • 92% reported increases in bicep AND chest measurements!
  • 87% reported reduced bodyfat.
  • 92% reported increased energy.
  • 87% reported they felt their muscles were 'tighter' and stronger!
  • 100% would recommend it to others wanting to add LEAN mass!

Available in the following great flavors: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Banana & Vanilla. Nutritional information and ingredients may vary from flavor to flavor.

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