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Womens Platinum Multi (2 x 90 Caps)
Womens Platinum Multi (2 x 90 Caps)
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Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are the body's basic building blocks. Among other things, they contribute to our energy levels, immune system, performance and overall health.

Kaizen Platinum is committed to helping you enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. We have created the Women's AM/PM Multivitamins with you in mind:

Made for Women:
Includes essential nutrients to meet the unique health needs of women.

AM/PM Formulation:
We've separated our multivitamins into morning and evening formulations because the overall effectiveness of most vitamin-mineral supplements are drastically reduced by chemical reactions and competition between nutrients. These complex multiple interactions are known as first-order interactions and are extremely important in the overall absorption of nutrients. With this in mind and the fact that you can't obtain proper nutrient levels in one capsule or tablet makes a one-a-day program ineffective. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by balancing the pH and choosing as well as separating ingredients so they do not negatively interact. Kaizen Platinum only uses highly absorbable forms of these nutrients, providing increased cellular uptake and maximal protection for the body.

Scientifically advanced ingredients made under the strictest GMP standards: Each batch of multivitamins is independently assayed to meet label claims and we use the highest quality ingredients like BioPerine which has been tested to significantly enhance the bioavailability of various nutrients through increased absorption, thereby replenishing and revitalizing the body with essential nutrients.

Recommended Use or Purpose:
For the maintenance of good health.
AM - Take 3 capsules with morning meal. PM - Take 3 capsules with evening meal.

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